We are kicking off our 7th annual Warren-Prescott Fall Giving Tree Program!

For parents new to WP this is the first of our three major fundraising campaigns. Our Winter Pledge drive will begin in January, followed by our Spring Fling Silent Auction event in late April/early May. Over the past six years, the Giving Tree has given teachers access to classroom materials that aren’t funded by BPS, but have significantly improved our students’ learning experience.

This year, we are taking a new approach and directing all funds raised by the Giving Tree initiative to a single need: installing air conditioning in every classroom!

The colder weather will be here for the next few months, but spring – and sweltering classrooms—will arrive before we know it. Parent volunteers and Mrs. Davis installed/tested out new air conditioning units in Mrs. Michalak’s first grade classroom and the students in those classes (along with neighboring teachers) will attest that the units make a huge difference! The air conditioners will be in place by this May and for the start of next year’s back to school where the temperature in some of the second floor classrooms registered above 90 degrees! This is a gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

This year’s Giving Tree fundraising goal is $15,000, which works out to be @ $500 per classroom. This will enable us to purchase, and install units in every classroom and to have enough left over to fund wish lists for specialist teachers.

Our hope is to reach our goal before the Thanksgiving break, please support our School and Class Parents as they reach out to help encourage class gifts.

The Giving Tree is a chance for you to directly benefit our classrooms and support our terrific teacher

Please click on the Giving Tree below to make your Tax-Deductible Donation today. Thank you!


School Hours

Our school hours for the 2016-2017 school year for all students are 8:30AM – 3:10PM. This is 40 minutes longer than the traditional school day in Boston.  Doors will open at 8:15AM and students who enter after 8:30AM will be marked tardy.


School Dismissal

School dismissal each day is at 3:10PM. On the first day of school, please ensure that your child knows how s/he is getting home. If there is any change to the regular determined bus or walker routine, a note from a parent must be sent including the departure change and a phone number. No exceptions. Safety is our priority at the Warren Prescott K-8 School. We ask that all parents wait outside during dismissal. It is essential that we keep the foyer area clear. Thank you for your understanding.


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